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Arctic Fox Hair Dye


Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Arctic fox hair dye is your answer when you are in search of a brand of hair dyes that’s gorgeous, semi-permanent, and vegan.  Most of us are not new to hair dyes. We know them, we love them, and we use them to take our hair from what it is to what it was designed to be. But sometimes, these dyes are not all suitable on our hair, and the effect starts to show after a while, plus, there may be some colors we’d love to try, but due to whatever reasons, we can’t. Enter semi-permanent dye. These sets of colors help you achieve your aim with so little stress, effort, and risk. And a worthy mention in this business of semi-permanent dyes is the arctic fox hair dye.

In their own words, the arctic fox is the green and nourishing semi-permanent hair dye that’s here to answer the call of the vibrant hair of your dreams. The dye lasts long (for a not so permanent dye, that is), doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, conditions as it colors, and is always vegan. The dye comes in 24 of the most unusual colors ever and still counting. I’ll try my best to give you a visual of what these colors look like, but it’s always best to see for yourself.

Arctic Fox Hair Dye Colors

Frosé: remember Lily from Hannah Montana? This is the shade of pastel pink; she usually rocks. It will show up brightest on platinum hair and dusty pink or rose gold on yellow-toned blonde hair.

Ritual: is a gorgeous jewel-toned burgundy, vibe-y velvet red hue that works on dark blonde to platinum hair.

Wrath: is a deep red with berry undertones that turns pink as it fades. The color darkens if used on darker hair.

Virgin pink: this is pink at its hottest. The most exact shade of magenta there is, and the darker your natural hair, the darker it becomes.

Electric paradise: is a head-turning, UV reactive, vivid neon pink with tropical coral undertones. Like most arctic fox hair colors, it works best on blonde to platinum hair.

Cosmic sunshine: like the name suggests, this is a lively, sunny yellow shade. The lighter your hair, the yellower it is.

Phantom green: forest green doesn’t get any deeper than this. This color will give dark hair and emerald tint and will glow brightly on light hair.

Neverland: this fairy-like, pastel mint color is sure to transport you to a fairy tale land. This shade will show up best on platinum hair.

Poseidon: very vivid, very vibrant medium true blue. This mythical oceanic color will turn up best on light blonde hair or brighter. For darker hair, it will appear like faded blue.

Purple rain: I love purple, and this deep, true purple is everything!


Arctic fox hair dye has way more colors than these – obviously – this is just an introduction, and the best part is that most of the colors can be mixed pr paired together for the best results.