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Best Dirty Blonde Hair Color


Best Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Best Dirty Blonde Hair Color

If you are a natural blonde and you want something different from what you’re used to, you can also cash in on the dirty blonde wave. So whatever you’re looking for, there’s the best dirty blonde hair color out there for you to try. From the hue to the texture to the feminine feel it gives, they’re a million and one reasons to love blonde hair. If you’re not a natural blonde and you wish to try out this color, hair experts advise that you start with something gentle like the dirty blonde look before moving on to more daring looks like the platinum or golden blonde.


Dirty blonde is a word used to describe the beauty that results when dark blonde and brown are blended with tones of wheat in the mix, giving it the classic dirty look. You could also picture it as the color of the water after dishes have been washed in it. This is where dirty blonde gets its alias ‘dishwater blonde’ – and probably the dirty as well. Dirty blonde hair looks great on people that have light to medium complexions and golden warm skin tones. Ashy or brownish dirty blonde hair will look best on a skin that’s cool with blue or green eyes. A darker dirty blonde shade would look good on a warmer skin tone.

Dirty blonde hair is not a general one size fits all color. What works for you might not work for your twin, but to give you some ideas on where to begin, here are some of the best dirty blonde hair color ideas available.

You can turn your dark blonde hair to dirty blonde by lightening up the ends of the hair. The hair would appear dark at the roots, and then as it descends, it changes to a lighter blonde color giving an overall dirty blonde look.

If you have naturally dark hair, you can dye it to ashy blonde midway down to the ends. This hairstyle in bob is absolute perfection as it gives that bob + ombre + dirty blonde trifecta look.

Sandy’s dirty blonde hair can be achieved with an ash-toned dye on dark hair that gives a beige-toned dirty blonde ombre. This is a very chic look that works well with both warm and cold skin tones.


Already rocking a dirty blonde look and want to spice things up? Blend pale fine gold highlights into your dishwater hair. This will lighten and add warmth to your dirty blonde hair. Golden-haired beauties can also cash in on this particular golden dirty blonde look. Blend dirty blonde highlights into your golden locks, and it instantly turns into a golden dirty blonde look that’s also light, neutral, and warm. This look will look great on any complexion and has a beach vibe to it.    

Choose any best dirty blonde hair color idea from the ones listed above and start rocking it like a star!