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Best Hair Color

From the dawn of time, people have argued about which of the colors are the best hair color. With something as subjective as color, looks, and trends naturally come and go. As always, a new decade brings new ideas and methods on how to style, highlight, and color hair and even adds the bonus of introducing some new, never-before-seen colors to our list of the best colors and styles you can rock. This decision is based on what trendsetters like celebrities frequently request from their top stylists. Keep reading to learn how you can turn your natural red, brown, black, or blonde hair to the best hair color.

Strawberry Blonde

The first one up is strawberry blonde. If you want to turn your natural blonde or red hair to something chic and effortless this year, strawberry blonde is a top choice. Strawberry blonde is a combination of red and blonde but on the lighter side. It does not require a lot of maintenance, and it allows a lot of flexibility in how intense you want the color to be. Instead of just adding red highlights to blonde hair or bleaching red hair, another option to rock this look is to start blonde at the roots and get coppery at the ends.


Red is a color that looks great on every skin tone. A step up to red or auburn style is the red velvet. This color is not too warm or cold and looks good on everybody and that makes it one of the best hair color.

If light hair isn’t your thing and you’d instead go dark, having a staple dark brown or black hair is it. Cut in any length and fixed in any style, this color is so classic, and it carries itself through seasons. If you want to mix things up, paint some balayage pieces in addition to foiled baby lights. You could use colors like golden blonde, cinnamon, and honey-blonde that will add light and dimension to the hair.  

Smoky Ice-White Hair as Best Hair Color

The last one up among the best hair color is smoky ice-white hair, and I’m talking Elsa from Frozen kind of white. Icy silver hair is a very stylish, very in, very edgy color and the best part is that stylists promise that this look will fit anybody, so it doesn’t matter what your natural color is, you can step out of the box and rock this. You can decide to take a light or dark route with your icy silver hair. You could bleach your entire hair silver or have dark roots that descend to smoky silvery tips, great for people with naturally dark hair. Another option is to keep the roots and the roots alone dark while the rest of the hair is platinum. If the icy silver is a bit much for you, you could opt for the milder icy beige.          

On a final note, the best hair color is not the same for everybody. Remember that fashion is subjective, and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.