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Best Purple Shampoo


Best Purple Shampoo

Best Purple Shampoo

Few things on the globe have the power to bring back to life a fading blonde hair, and the best purple shampoo ever made is one of them. Welcome to 2020, where everybody has beautiful hair, and the only thing harder than being blonde is staying blonde.


Blonde hair after a few weeks of wear begins to fade, lose its brightness, and take on the gold tint associated with brass. The hair then looks dull, yellowish, and buttery. When this transpires, we know it’s time for a touch-up. You may perhaps go to a hair salon and spend more money, bleach your hair and risk losing all of it, or you could use the cheaper and safer option – a purple shampoo. The best purple shampoo is a go-between dye jobs and works on all shades of blonde hair – from platinum to dark blonde, even natural blonde. 

What is Purple Shampoo?Glad you asked. Essentially, it is a shampoo that contains purple pigments. It’s the purple pigments in the shampoo that’s the real magic. These purple pigments cancel out the yellow, orange and brassy tones in the hair that make it dull and keep the hair looking bright and fresh. It neutralizes the yellow and leaves a creamy to ash hue in its place.

The shampoo is not for everyday use, or you’ll risk your hair turning purple (that might not be a bad idea). Use it only once or two times a week for maintenance. Start with your regular shampoo to wash off dirt, then tone the hair with the purple shampoo, then finish off with your standard conditioner. Another reason to not use the shampoo too often is that it tends to dry the hair out. You want to stay blonde, not rid your hair of all its oils.      

The Best Purple Shampoo

The purple shampoos listed below are all excellent, but they each stand out for one thing in particular, so go for the one that directly speaks to you.

1. Kristen Ess The One Purple Shampoo: this is good for both bottles and natural blondes. The shampoo contains coconut oil and hydrolyzed pea protein that hydrate and strengthen the hair.

2. Keratase Bond Absolu Bain Ultra Violet Shampoo: this shampoo is perfect for blonde and brassy hair. It banishes all brassiness at the same time nourishing each blonde strand. The fantastic thing about this shampoo is that it works on balayage, highlights, full bleach, and grey hairs. It contains hyaluronic acid in the formula, which helps strengthen your hair fiber from the inside out.

3. Lush Daddy-O Purple Shampoo: this is a shampoo for vegans, by vegans. That’s right, it is free of animal products, and you can recognize the ingredients. It also keeps your blonde hair from looking brassy no matter how much time you spend outdoors.

4. Sachajuan Silver Shampoo: specially designed for silver blonde to platinum hair. It neutralizes brassiness and adds silvery ashy tones for the perfect peroxide blonde.