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Shampoos are hair care products, usually in a gel-liquid state that's used to clean the hair. While that's a fundamental, borderline definition, shampoos these days are doing so much more than just washing the hair. Shampoo can help grow your hair, transforming it every day from dull to shine and also protect your hair's color, natural or tainted. Shampoos are also known to be anti-dandruff, clarifying, and some of the best ones are made with natural ingredients and herbs that help strengthen your hair and make it shine from within. There's a shampoo for every hair need and type, from curly hair to natural afro to straight hair to damaged hair to color-treated hair. Whatever your hair needs are, there's an affordable shampoo for it. If you're clueless as to where to begin to search for your perfect shampoo, worry no more. Keep reading, and we just might have exactly what you're looking for.