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How often should you wash your hair?


How often should you wash your hair?

How often should you wash your hair?

When it comes to the question of how often should you wash your hair there are a lot of factors involved. The phrase how often comes in the mind of everyone when they become skeptical about a particular issue that doesn’t have an exact method or law to handle.

The condition of your hair has a huge part to play when considering how often how often should you wash your hair.

There is no exact answer to this question, and it all boils down to your personal decision, but with the help of this post, you will be able to find out some tips that will help you decide on when to wash your hair.

Generally, it is advisable to wash anything whenever it is dirty, and sometimes, we don’t have to wait for a particular item to be messy before washing them. You should consider washing your hair when you feel it is dirty, but this should not be your topmost priority.

Your hair must have gone through the process before it gets to the stage of been dirty. The specks of dust in our environment can also contribute, how greasy your hair is another challenge you may face. Your skin type and your hair texture matter a lot too.

Sometimes, sweat can be a negative factor, and this can come from how hot the environment is and also the activities we involve ourself in during the day. Sweat can make your hair look dirty and even change the smell of the hair.

The human Hair

The human hair contains minerals and oils called sebum. Sebum acts as a natural moisturizer that keeps the hair healthy, safe, protected and beautifully lush. Now the chemicals used to make most shampoos are reliable when it comes to the trapping of excess oil, dirt and product residue, which, when rinsed out, cleanses the hair. Not all of this dirt is bad, however, and some are needed to protect the hair.

Without wasting much of your time, here is how often should you wash your hair; It is advisable to wash your hair 2 to 3 times in a week, but I will also advise that if your hair is thick, then there is no need to wash 2 to 3 times in a week, you can remove it less.

Studies have proven that the thicker your hair is, the lesser it gets greasy, and when your hair is less greasy, then the smaller the dirty.

One technique I use in keeping my hair fresh and clean without losing any natural oils is to rinse. This technique has been working for me, rinsing your hair with ordinary water will help get rid of some dirt, but the advantage or disadvantage of this technique is that it will still preserve most of the natural oils. Another way you keep your hair fresh without losing oil is by applying dry shampoos.

Since the goal is to have beautiful, lustrous and healthy hair, the only point you need to take from this is to understand how the hair and shampoo works, and based on your lifestyle and hair type, decide on a frequency that works for you. It’s that simple.