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How to Dutch Braid your own hair

How to Dutch Braid your own hair
How to Dutch Braid your own hair is one thing most people are passionate about, I have written various articles about hair braiding, so in a case you want to take a look at them you can click this link. Without any further ado, let us consider knowing what Dutch braiding is all about.

A Dutch Braid is a style of hair braiding that involves the process of crossing three sections of the hair under one another, and this style of braid is different from the French and fishtail braid. The Dutch braid is also referred to as the pineapple braid or the inverted (reversed) French braid.

Braids often look very complicated if you are not used to it, but we all know that it’s a walk in the park if and only if you can master it. There are two types of Dutch braid, the basic Dutch braid, and the double Dutch braid. The double Dutch braid can be taken into consideration when your hair is too short, while the basic is a norm if you have a standard hair length.

Now that we have known what Dutch braiding is all about, now permit me to teach you how to Dutch braid your own hair. Note that this tutorial is for basic Dutch braiding.



As usual, we have to start by preparing our hair, and this involves brushing our hair neatly. We need to be sure that the hairs are knots free.

Just as a French braid, you should brush your hair straight backward, and this enables you to gather some sections of your hair from the front. Make sure the width of your forehead spans with the section.  If you do this, then you should be able to come up with a large braid from the center of your head.


The next step to take is to split the section you gathered in the previous step into three strands (Note that the strands must be equal in size). After that, ensure that the right strand is in your right hand, then the remaining two strands should be in your left hand. While the other two strands stay in your left hand, make sure that the middle strand (which is the right strand among the two strands that are on your left hand) drape across your middle finger while holding the left one against your palm. The essence of this is to keep all the strands separate.


Now, you have to commence the standard braiding in other to arrive at the Dutch braid. All you need to do here is to be very technical by crossing the right strand UNDER the middle strand and the left UNDER the new middle strand. You must cross those strands UNDER and not OVER because you won’t be getting the Dutch braid if you don’t do it the right way.

Take a tiny strand of hair (Not from the sectioned strand that we sectioned into three parts but from the right side of your hair) and add it to the right sectioned strand, and take both strands and cross UNDER the middle-sectioned strand. Repeat this same process for the left strand too, and do them continuously until you reach the nape of your neck.

Now I am sure you have known how to Dutch braid your own hair? If you have any questions, kindly drop your comment in the comment section.