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Madison Reed Hair Color

Madison Reed hair color is a hair-color startup based in San Francisco that was founded in 2013 by Amy Errett, a former venture capitalist. Now the hair color industry has been dominated by giants like L’Oreal, Revlon, and Clairol for decades. When compared with them, Madison Reed is a newbie. So what makes Madison Reed hair color different from the others? 

According to goodhousekeeping.com, Madison Reed is the best cruelty-free hair color brand. It boasts of a 6-free formula, which is a neat way of saying that their products do not contain six of the more controversial ingredients found in hair color – ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and PPD. This cruelty-free status was certified by Leaping Bunny, a coalition of animal protection groups that have created an internationally recognized standard for identifying animal –friendly products. This way, Madison Reed has positioned its hair-coloring products as a cleaner, safer alternatives with the use of natural ingredients like argan oil and ginseng root extract.


Madison Reed also has a homey, comfortable to use the feature on their website that allows customers to virtually ‘try on’ new colors in a bid to find their perfect shade. Other tools include online quizzes and cosmetologists, which are on hand to answer questions via phone.

Madison Reed started out selling home hair-coloring kits but is now opening coloring bars across the nation that gives the salon experience in an environment as comfortable as your own house. The company has nine permanent locations in New York, San Francisco, and Dallas-Fort, says a Forbes article.  When you use a Madison Reed hair color in any of the Color Bars, you get faster service and more affordable hair coloring than in any other salon, as well as the option to purchase the same shade of hair dye you used to touch up your roots in-between visits. A significant difference between this salon and others is that they do not do haircuts.

Madison Reed hair color was designed to transform at-home hair-coloring with ammonia-free hair dye that results in multi-dimensional color that looks beautiful, healthy, and natural. They have a complete system of hair care products designed to work together. A few of the products include permanent hair color, light works, root reboot, root touch up, color reviving gloss, and of course, shampoo and conditioner. In their own words, they are professional hair coloring at home.