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Overtone Hair Color

A hair conditioner is supposed to smoothen out the strands of your hair, make it easier to comb through at the same time, leaving your hair feeling nourished, silky and gorgeous. The oVertone brand of conditioners does this and so much more.  Aside from being just a conditioner, the oVertone brand also doubles as an Overtone hair color that lets you color your hair at home, right in the shower, in only fifteen minutes.

Whether you are a hair dyeing pro or a total newbie, oVertone products are easy to use and will leave your hair with an excellent color that will last over a month before needing a touch up. With regular use of the conditioners, your hair can stay a particular shade for even longer. Note, however, that the hair color bleeds a lot when you first dye your hair, so make sure to rinse thoroughly.

oVertone Coloring Conditioners

oVertone Coloring Conditioners and Daily Conditioners work by nourishing hair strands with plant-based oils as they deposit color. To use the product, start with the coloring conditioner and apply a generous amount to dry or damp hair, making sure to saturate strands. Let it set for about 10-15 minutes, rinse, and rock your new hair color! For the best of results, reapply weekly. Also, ensure to use the Daily Conditioner between applications to keep hair color fresh.

If you want the ultimate fantasy color (i.e., neon pink, pastel lilac, and vibrant green), you have to either have very light hair or bleach it. There’s no way around that. But, if you’re looking for bold color in a more subdued form on brown hair, for example, Overtone hair color is just the ideal option. It leaves your hair super soft to the touch and doesn’t stain.

But the most endearing feature of the product is that it is not a “dye” in the traditional sense. It’s pigmented, but contains “no peroxide, no ammonia, and no heavy alcohols,” according to the website. And it’s packed with moisturizing, nutritious ingredients like avocado oil, aloe, and primrose oil.

In The Case

In the case where you want to remove Overtone hair color from your hair, stop using the products. It will fade with time, but there is no immediate fix, as it is with any hair dye. Like any semi-permanent hair color, it will fade with regular washing, but as far as staying power goes, the site’s before and after results are pretty convincing.

Overtone hair color is suitable for all hair types and makes a new hair color as easy to slip on as your favorite extra-large T-shirt. And you don’t have to be a pro to use it, either. You apply it as you would a regular conditioner and the results, so effortlessly chic.